Black Market was very disappointing

Hear me out: I like the fact that we got the chance to buy premium tanks for credits. But I feel like WG chose the wrong tanks (Some of them are OP as hell and ruin the MM, especially on low tier and tier 10, and some are even available in the shop right now) and shouldve switched it up after they got leaked.

M41 GF: The first tank on the list, for credits. This offer actually was very nice to see. A good premium tank that doesnt fuck up the MM. For 5 mil this was the best deal of the whole BM in my opinion.

Sexton, PZ II J, FCM pak 40: All low tier tanks that ruin the MM. PZ II J was 15000! gold, which is a ridiculous. 3 tanks which shouldnt be sold anymore.

Type 59 G: Sold in minutes/seconds, depending on which server u are. 25K gold for a Type 59 with a skin. Says enough.

Alpine Tiger: 10K gold for a WZ-111 with a skin. Says enough.

FV 215B 183: This offer was okay I guess. (I didnt buy it) 23 mil for a tier 10 tank that is not too OP but more of a meme.

Caernarvon AX: This is the second offer I actually liked. Tier 8 premium tank for 9 mil credits. Fairly balanced tank and a good tank for FL. And thats just the problem. They will sell this tank at least once in the upcoming months for FL. NA even got the offer right after it sold in the BM…

PZ 4 Hydro: 6.5 mil for a PZ 4 thats mediocre at best. Says enough.

PZ 4/5: 5.5K gold for a OP tank in tier 5. Again, breaking the MM.

T34B/IS6B: 2 tanks which you can buy in the premium shop. Both mediocre in their own way. Only positive thing is the fact that they sell for credits. Good for people who are F2P, nothing more.

Skins: They couldve been a nice addition to the BM if they were being sold for credits. 4 skins, 3500 gold each. Not worth the gold in my opinion.

And last but not least, Foch 155: Kinda mediocre tier 10 tank after WG nerfed it hard. Dunno how much its gonna cost, but its going to be at least 20 mil. Not worth the credits if you havent unlocked most of the French TDs. (Most of them are horrible anyway.

Im honestly very disappointed. I hoped to see some rare tanks and some tier 6,7 or 8 premiums for credits instead of 4 MM breaking prems, 4 skins for gold, 3 mediocre tier 8 prems (which u can buy at the prem shop). Only offers I thought were worth it, were the tier 10's and the AX/GF.

THIS IS MY OPINION. Im very interested to hear yours.


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