Borat players, am I running the best setup for my tank?

After opinions as to whether anything i'm doing/setup is causing actual harm to the tank. I prefer to play agressive medium, not into sniping and bush camping, but its map dependant.

Equipment – Vents (improved slot), bounty stab and improved rotation.


Commander – 6th sense, mentor, BIA, recon, concealment, situational awarness at 66% (i know this is a toilet skill and I shouldnt bother with it)

Gunner – Deadeye, safe stowage, concealment, snap shot (92%)

Driver – Clutch brake, concealment, off roading and repairs (92%)

Plan going forward is to get the repairs skills up.

Any recommendations? My biggest gripe with the tank is the aim time, but im unsure if adding equipment to boost that will really make much of a difference because of how bad the gun is to start with when it comes to accuracy.


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