Bot detection system is useless

Today this player was in our team:

It's nonse that a real player can stand behind this account. It (it's not a human) have almost 160k game and it lived only 5 percent of overall played game. I created a ticket about it and the answer was this below:

Thank you for contacting us regarding your issue with players not actively participating in battles.

First of all, let us assure you that we are glad to see players trying to make sure that others don't stay AFK in battle or use some kind of botting software.

Having said this, we have a number of tools to check these things out and are already taking action against players who regularly do this. Please remember that real life can get in the way from time to time and if you are unlucky enough to have just started a battle, it will affect your performance, even if this should be rare. Not every single time a player is AFK is on purpose.

Because of this, while we insist that we are glad to see you taking action against these players, rest assured that such cases will be taken care of without the need of additional information being sent by the players.

We hope that you don't have to come across players like this again and wish you the best of luck on the battlefield!

For any further information regarding this topic, please refer to our article.

Kind regards,

They totally ignored me with this answer. A bot also could have written it.

If they had an efficient "tools" against bots then this kind of account couldn't be possible to exist.

What do you think?


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