BOT problem in WOT?

I was wondering if anyone else was noticing more and more bots in recent games. I don't' mean new players who are unskilled, but "teammates" whose tanks are controlled by a software.

In the last 5 games I played, 3 of them had a player on my team who had a large amount of games played, usually 30-40k, very low overall winrate, 40-45%, and during the battle/ Their tank moved very little, and their turret constantly panning left to right until an enemy was within range where the "player" would instantly lock on them, even if there was no line of sight. If the enemy became unspotted, they would return to panning the turret left to right. Plus they are usually firing HE.

I have noticed this a lot more over the last few months, anyone else?

(This is on the EU server, usually later in the night, 9pm – 4am)

Edit: 2 games later, another bot on my team.


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