Bought the WZ-120 after the “buffs”, 3 marked it, here’s my review.

I'm gonna star of with: What do you mean it was buffed?!? IT USED TO BE WORSE?

TL:DR is that the tank is hot garbage.

The long version:

EQ Used: Vert stab, Rammer, Coated optics (if I had recon skill on commander would have used Vents instead of optics), Food, small kits, no directive. 20ish AP, 14 Heat, 5ish HE shells.

The Pros:

  1. Great alpha, ok DPM, ok Pen, amazing heat pen.
  2. 60 kph top speed (you achieve max speed pretty fast), good maneuverability
  3. Turret armor is decent but your cheeks get penned by most T8 TD's and higher tier tanks.
  4. Low profile with great camo

The Cons:

  1. HORRIBLE gun handling, it's so bad, painfully bad. (On all 4 available guns) EDIT: The reason is High aim time on all of them, the top gun is 3.26s base, the soft stats are ok but nothing amazing.
  2. Stock grind is one of the worst I have experienced (took me around 25-30 games to unlock turret, tracks and first researchable gun, thank god I had the other 2 guns already researched from the HT tree)
  3. Your hull armor does not exist, you might bounce some T7 tanks and HE won't pen you I guess
  4. -3 depression on the top gun, if you never played a tank with -3 then let me explain: If you're not on totally flat ground you will have a very bad time, finding any type of depression via terrain or debris feels like trying to lick your elbow in real life

The horrible gun handling and -3 depression just kill the tank, and if you use the 100mm 320 alpha gun you do get kind of better handling and -5 depression but you lose a lot of pen AND dpm.

I'm glad I only got it after the buffs, if it's such a painful tank to play now then I don't want to imagine how it was before.

How Id fix it: For the love of god give it -5 dep and lower the aim time of the top gun by at least 0.4-0.5 seconds. Would make it at least somewhat enjoyable.


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