Bourrasque is a great little tank but you have to play it right

I have had 10 of 16 wins in it today. average damage only 845 but I like it a lot. I watched a video on YouTube on playing it and it was right on. If you run off by yourself and act like a scout you are toast. You need to play support tank from the second or even third level back until the battle develops and take shots of opportunity. It is fast, but at speed it literally will not corner… you have to turn gradually. When the game is ending use your speed to flank the enemy and take out low hit point tanks or cap. I just had a battle where my speed meant I got to the cap and killed the arty and two scouts that came to stop us. It was great.

The gun is good and does great damage, 350+ and I am shooting only AP so far. NO ARMOR at all.

This is my 2 cents. I hope to use it in Strongholds. The best is to platoon with a clanmate and work together like Bisontes and GSOR's do.

Good hunting.


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