Breaking point

I know a lot of people are being pushed to their breaking point by the latest OP AF tanks and various bsery from wargaming…

But I see the Caliban as wargaming's biggest "We seriously don't care anymore". A hamfisted autoreloader that is a really overused mechanic, 0.6 accuracy so this thing will be RNG incarnate, with enough pen at 210 to actually semi-reliably pen a lot of things it faces, especially when you add in the credit siphon of the prem rounds with 292 pen. Hitting anything will be a miracle, but being hit by it, penned by it, will be one of the most infuriating instances you'll ever experience in WoT.

Unless this thing turns out to be a mirny-13/WTE110 or some other dumb fun game mode tank, and actually reaches the store (Since a lot of tanks don't actually reach the store) that'll be me gone, that is just way too RNG.


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