Bring back the Waffentrager E100

Okay, now I've got your attention, lemme explain.

The Waffentrager E100 was removed for being an unrivalled burst damage god, capable of eliminating a Maus in a single clip, provided you hit high rolls on damage and penned every shot. This came at the cost of mediocre gun handling (as I remember) and a minute-long reload. Ultimately the tank was removed and replaced with the Grille 15.

Before you grab your torch and pitchfork, I'll just say that the Foch B is nearly the exact same as the Waffentrager. Both have a large clip size, high alpha and decent overall stats. The differences are mainly the lack of turret on the Foch and the better frontal armour also on the Foch. It's actually kind funny. You have a choice between the Foch 155 if you had it, with 750 alpha and 3 rounds, or the 120mm Foch B with 400 alpha and 6 rounds. Both tanks achieve what the Waffentrager could, and they are separate tanks.

To put it straight, the Waffentrager E100 should return. Let the mighty rain of steel waffles crash all around. That, or I guess just play the Foch B

"WG rEmOvEd thE wAffEntrAgEr bEcAUsE It wAsnt hIstOrIcAl"- shut it. You and I both know that WG gives zero shits about historical accuracy at this point


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