Bullets and weak/good aim spots

I will be posting a guide on types of bullets in World Of Tanks, how much damage they do, and weak/good aim spots depending on what types of tanks. Its important to realize that angling a tank to a certain degree matters and can effect how much damage bullets hitting your tank can or may not do.
There are lots of different types of shells and bullets in World Of Tanks including, gold bullets/shells, explosive bullets/shells, armor piercing bullets/shells, and regular shells to more. They each are for different purposes and can deal different amounts of damage. You will see details about different bullets below.
.Golden shell/bullet: These rounds can deal lots of damage depending on where hit in the tank, the reason its gold is so it can make more damage. Expect from a tier 2 or 3 tank about 400-500 HP of damage.
.Explosive shell/bullet: These shells are meant to do exactly what it says, explode. The shells don't really pentitrate armor as much as golden shells do, but cause alot of damage due to the explosion of the shell. Expect at-least on tier 2 or 3 tank to give about 400-600 HP of damage.
.Armor piercing shell/bullet: It's made for piercing armor and getting into tough armor for damaging equipment, and piercing it in general. This is just about the same as a regular bullet so I'll leave it up to you to decide what regular shells do.
Weak/tough aiming spots:
When it comes to dealing damage to an enemy tank, it's wether it not getting damaged, because its angled correctly, or getting damage to it, for not being angled correctly. Think of a thick box with 2 inch sides, at the corners would be the toughest spot because the outside corner and inner corner are farther apart than the flat sides. Being careful with being angled, because tanks can snap tracks on your tank, its always important to stay angled where either the flat sides are diagonal from the incoming bullet, basically scrapping the armor instead of going in.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/nrqzto/bullets_and_weakgood_aim_spots/

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