Buying premium time is ruining the game for others? Wut.

After returning from a hiatus last July (you can never quit WOT apparently), I've noticed that there's a lot more people than I remember constantly bitching that the game is entirely P2W. I recognize that there are more strong and OP premiums than ever before, but these people seem convinced that there's predetermined outcomes for everything, with your odds of succeeding improved by spending money. I find these people to frequently have 10s of thousands of battles, a bad winrate, and be very proud of never spending money on the game?

For example, I've seen at least 3 people in the past week start a battle by essentially saying "no point trying, we've already lost", camp base, throw their tank away, and then go on to berate everyone for daring to spend money on the game. Several post-battle messages calling me a P2W shill for playing premium tanks. One explicitly stating that "people who spend money make it unfair for F2P players" (while I was playing a tech tree tier 10, mind you). Etc.

My question (rhetorical shitpost) is, what the hell? A conservative estimate at 3 minutes per battle for even the worst yolo shitter puts someone with 10k battles at 500 hours played FOR FREE. By no means do I think anyone should just go fork out $60 for a single pixel tank regularly, but to be proud and HOSTILE that you've avoided paying literally anything for that much playtime? I get that premium time price isn't the cheapest subscription for a game/service, but with how much most of us play, isn't it entirely worth it? For all its flaws, the game still provides a ton of entertainment for the price. And if you're so convinced that you are helpless to the powers that be for not spending money, why the hell are you still playing?

Tl; dr: If you have played a game for 500+ hours and continue to play it, stop thinking you're somehow superior for avoiding the relatively cheap "subscription" cost.


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