Buying premium to level crew or wait until anniversary


Im quite a new member to the wot community and the game but so far I have tried quite a lot of fractions and lines besides the germans, udssr until the IS as everyone recommends the IS-7 line for newcommers and the american TD line until T7 as well as the french light line I had no fun at all. Best from those was probably the Hellcat from the USA TD line.

Until recently with Amazon Prime bundle I got my sweaty hands on the STRV S1 and I loved the gameplay from the first second on.
Then I instantly grinded the Swedish TD line and besides the T5 one I love them all and its the only real line or country that is fun for me at all stages. Love the gameplay love the sniper and assasin gameplay. Currently im grinding my way to the UDES 03 got still some grind to do tho.

Now I sold quite a lot of csgo and Rust skins and have quite some money on steam that I want to spend on WoT for something. I think about either buying the STRV S1 permanently and being able to level my crew with it for the UDES later on or should I rather wait for the anniversary sale for something else?

I dont need to wait for a Progetto or something to go on sale as I dont really enjoy that gameplay that much but Im also not sure if a premium TD to level the crew and grind some credits is more worth it like buying the battlepasses or skins than vehicles…


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