Caernarvon crew

I recently spent a boat load of blueprints to get to Caernarvon (screw you, Churchill). The stock grind with the 17-pounder is painful, but the 32-pounder is an absolute unit. With some effort I am already very close to Brothers in Arms which should get the DPM close to 3200, combined with the requisite vents and rammer. I am also plowing through the grind at rate I haven't seen before, then again, it's only my second tier 8. I fear that once I promote this crew to Conqueror, Caernarvon won't be as good. Should I promote them then? Should I train a new crew for the Conqueror (I'm F2P so no 100% crew)?
Would it be worth to buy a premium just for crew training in this case? The tier 7&8 premiums seem underwhelming and I am unsure if buying a tier X with bonds for crew training is anything approaching sane.

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