Calling help from EU players to identify a cheater-have you been in this match with the Skoda T50?

Never thought I would post something like this but here we are, hope it doesn't break any rules.

As you will probably have known by now, Chinese players are well known for using cheats/bots in online game-and that includes WoT. However, from experience, there are quite a few which wants to play games fair & square, and they joined overseas servers instead of the chinese server for a better gaming experience.

Except some people just like to ruin it.

Recently, in a chinese WoT forum, someone poped up using the *Thundra* mod balatantly on the EU server. This mod, in case you don't know, removes all grass and other foliages and is considered a cheat mod and will get you banned. However, this mod is 'allowed' in the Chinese server (not maintained by Wargaming), in which the publisher doesn't explicitedly say its legal, but everyone (including the top streamers) use it. This along with other mods/cheats/bots makes the Chinese server (not related to the Asia server in anyway, just in case you get confused) really toxic and just a shit place to be if you are playing the game fair and square.

Now you might be wondering, maybe this guy is just confused and don't know the rules right? Maybe he thought he can use the cheat in EU?

Wrong, and here is where it gets real funny. In his thread, he is claiming that tundra is a legal mod in WG servers, that EU players all use it, and people are just ignorant for claiming he is cheating. He is in ways more than just rude and toxic, and in general just getting on the nerves of everyone that plays on overseas servers fairly. The only problem is that he doesn't show his username ever. And as such there is no real way anyone could report him. He is being real toxic on the community and is really an eyesore.

However, just like all cheaters, he isnt the brighest and he posted screenshots of his games on EU in this [thread]( (*/, the link is archived on wayback machine just in case he deletes it.

Here as the pictures of the particular game, in which he shown he used the Thundra mod. It would be really helpful if people can spread the message around and see of anyone have been in the match, and have the replay evidence to be able to report and get this guy banned.

I have illustrated the pictures with names that are in Chinese. From these three screenshots, we know the following:

The game is played on malinovka. A full 15×15 game. 7 Heavies. 4 Mediums. 3 TDs and 1 arty on both sides. Here is the tank list I have gathered from the screenshots.

I am not on EU so if anyone from EU could 1. PM the players on the enemy team whose name we knew and ask them if they have the replay; 2. Ask around the EU forums (I dont have an EU account and Im pretty sure you need to play a set amount of games before you can post). That would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Cheater's Team compThe enemy team comp
HT50TP50TP (Papyrk14s)
HTObj. 252u53TP
HTEmil 1951T32
HTTiger IIVK100.01P
MTSkoda T50 (Cheater)
MTT 54
MTT69P44 Panterra (wujek9907)
TDFV4004 Conway
ArtyG.W. Tiger (P)FV207


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