Can an arty really effectively influence the outcome of a high-tier game?

I just got the M53/M55 (I don't play arty but I heard this one will be good for missions after the T28 HTC) and I am having a heck of a time manipulating a game, maybe it's bad luck but 41 battles later my win rate in this tank is 39%, about 35 of them were steamrolls, when my team rolls the other I barely do any dmg because of the long reload time, when we get rolled I don't have a good way to save a flank. I have the M44 (195 battles, 49.7% win), M12 (70 battles, 54.3% win) and the M40/M43 (56 battles, 50% win) so I want to say I kind of know how to play arty, but I haven't been useful at all in the M53/M55.

At this point all I want to do is get the win rate of this tank to at least close to 50%, so this begs my question… high-tier tanks (9 and 10) have more HP and armor relative to lower tiers, high-tier arty has the ability to do huge dmg but the reload is much slower and it isn't consistent when compared to any other tank class, I may pen some poor soul's engine deck and do over 1000 dmg or it hits the gun mantle and do like 150. Doesn't this mean that artys are no good in the grand scheme of things, which is winning?


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