Can something be done about Chinese lights?

I've been keeping some statistics, over the last 250 battles I have which contain Chinese Light tanks.

The sample size is small – 250 games.

I guess what prompted me to keep these stats was feeling horribly outclassed myself when I played one by literally any other light tank, despite having a lot of experience in lights, a 4 skill crew, and a wn8 of 2200.

It seems like I was right.

In the 250 games over tiers 7 to 10, the side with the chinese light wins in 80 of the games.

I'm not sure if this stat is meaningless or what, but the number of times I see my chinese light tank, or the enemy's chinese light tank die instantly because they are out played by an actual light tank, is really frustrating.

Playing a chinese light tank actively hampers your team and it feels like nobody good plays them.


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