Can this bad dream just end?

So, I'm one mission off the Chimera, the Coalition-15 that requires 8k combined damage. I've been on this for 2 weeks now and keep getting so close it's unbearably frustrating. I've had at least 15-20ish games with 5-6k+ combined and 4-5 games that are literally less than one assist/damage shot off. Doesn't help that I get maybe 1-2 chances per hour to do it as you need the right map, right team comp with not too many light tanks or EBRs, and people on your team who actually shoot at your spots. Too many rolls of RNG just to get that one shot at the mission, it's depressing really.

I want do die

Just had to vent somewhere.

UPDATE: 4th game in the newly acquired 13 105, so that's all it took lmao.


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