Can we get more guns(& Turrets) for the M48(A5)?

Sure, the Jack-of-all-trades 105mm playstyle is fun, but it would be more fun if this tank had more guns like low-tier tanks, and guns it historically had at that too. It would help combat Bussian Rias with the stronk NATO guns.

M135 165mm: Derp gun that was fitted on the Patton-based M728 Combat Engineer vehicle, developed in the 1960s. Think of the guns of the FV182 or KV-2. Basic load HEP/HE with premium HESH/HEAT shells.

40mm Autocannon: Think back to the fun days of the Pz I c. Now here it is now, feel any older? Developed as part of the M247 Sgt. York program based on the Patton tank. Great burst damage up to 5 shells of AP/APCR.

37mm Minigun: Burst damage at its finest, trading damage and pen for burst damage and very fast reload. Developed as part of the T249 program based on the Patton tank. AP/APCR.



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