Captured Tiger is worthless – EXTREME SLOW…

Talking about a gift horse. I would put this horse down to end its suffering!

This fucking tiger is INCREDIBLE slow… giant weak spots and the aim time and accuracy mean you cant hit jack shit with it once you reached your destiny… (IF YOU EVER… reach it) ….

I got a fucking Maus and it would let this piece of shit eat so much dust… i am baffled.

HOW DO YOU GET SLOWER THAN A MAUS!? HOW!!!!!? Lord… and you lock blueprints behind missions of this piece of shit?

Thank you wargaming. Much generous!

Keep your lousy prints. THe suffering just aint worth it.

This trash tank is the top 3 of worst prems i ever had the displeasure to play….

Shows how generous you are if no money is involed or is there a bundle i missed? The 5HP/t ton bundle so i can move this fuck out of base before the 10-minute mark!?

Just open those missions up already! Choice is fun, being fucking held hostage IS NOT… <.<


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