Centurion 7/1 Three Marked


Essential Blurb:
I was wrong about the Centurion 7/1, I underestimated and dismissed it, when in reality its in the top third of tech tree tier 9 mediums – It's survived the power creep remarkably well. In fact, it's held up so well that it only really loses out to minmaxed tanks like the Leopard PT A, reworked tanks like the Type 61 (Update 1.5.1) and rewards vehicles. I'm more than a little impressed!

However, the two primary criticisms I have are; the lack of a higher pen round to deal with super heavies like the Type 4 and very poor soft stats. I initially thought I could get away with running vents, but a handful of battles into the run and it became self-evident that it needed IRM to deal with the gun bloom.

With the recent update 1.13, I was tempted to set HESH as my primary ammunition and use intuition to switch back to the higher pen round when needed. As the jump in DPM from standard to HESH is incredibly alluring; 2,659.84 –> 3,273.65. However I decided against that move mid run, I have a preference for higher shell velocities due to the ease of leading moving targets. If someone else has higher confidence in their gunnery skills, they could absolutely wreck and push their DPGs to 4k – The possibility now exists because of the HESH and intuition rework.

The Centurion 7/1 is now in the best place its been in years.

Equipment: Pink IRM | Pink Gun Rammer | Pink Vertical Stabilizer
Crew Skills: 7.43~
Consumables: Large Repair Kit | Large Med Kit | Pudding & Tea + Orderly Ammo Rack Directive
Ammunition: 42 Standard | 30 HESH | 0 HE
Map Bans: Ensk | Himmelsdorf

Session Stats:
Battles: 80
DPG: 3,133.16
Assistance: 855.64
Survival Rate: 47.5%

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/ogelwq/centurion_71_three_marked/

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