Change my mind: 7v7 brawl solo Q should be permanent and the ranked season format should adopt it

– make brawl available every day from 12 PM to 12 AM, or something similar.

– Solo Q only during the week, no platoons of 40% bots on your team or 67% super unis on the enemy team. Maybe enable platoons on saturday and sunday for the boys.

– remove rental tanks completely, or put a cap on the number of games they can be played. 1 game per rental tank per day. having teams with less than 100 battles played is not ideal

– During brawl off season, no stats, no medals, no bonds, no grinding. play tanks because you like to play tanks. maybe some credit rewards to offset costs for the casual player, like it is now.

– scrap the 15v15 ranked season format. make it 7v7. no more campfest toxic shit shows.

– during brawl off season, you can use reward tanks.

– during ranked 7v7 season, no reward tanks allowed. Tech tree tanks only. Same as now.


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