Chapter 3: How I would rebalance Premiumrounds and the Game.

So this is just a text accompagne my video I did here:

It is the last chapter of my 3 part serious about the Sandboxserver.
In this Chapter, as the title suggests I talk about how I would change the game to make premium rounds less effective / less p2w.

1) Weakspots and Hitpoints

I like the lowtier HP buff so I would totally keep that in game up until T6. T7-T10 should keep as is on the live server. Changing everything might be too much for most players as you have to relearn all HP values and Alpha strikes for your standard round. The biggest thing which needs to be changed is Weakspots. Every tank needs atleast 2 weakspots where atleast one is being able to be penetrated by a tank two tiers lower with standard rounds of the same class. So for example the cupola of a VK 100.01P shouldn't have a 220mm Cupola but instead a 170mm. It is on the right hand side after all so you can use terrain and cover to actually hide it while sidecraping around a right hand corner.


2) No more Special / Premium Rounds

AP should stay as is right now +- 25% rng on DMG and Pen and keep the second highest alpha.

APCR should loose 30% of its DMG and maybe even 10-20mm of Pen depending on Tier. In Return APCR is the go to choice to snipe weakly armored vehicles and flat surfaces as its very fast but also looses pen over distance quickly. Added to that Spaced armor shouldn't have too big of an effect of this ammo type. To that the pen and DMG RNG should be lowered to 15-17% to make it more reliable

HEAT rounds also loose 30% of their DMG and loose as well 10-20mm of Pen ( Penwise UDES and Krankenvagn are good examples of not too strong premium round pen) HEAT should also loose far more penetration when hitting spaced armor plates making them a more effective counter against HEAT rounds. So far tanks like STRV 103b which have heat screens still have HEAT as their counter, they don't really matter. In general this could also lead to make it easier to balance a tank against a certain ammo type, like adding HEAT screens to a turret to make it more effective against HEAT. Lastly the RNG might go down as low as 10% so it is the most reliable ammotype, however does bad against sloped armor and is very slow for sniping, but doesn't loose pen

HE should stay as is like on Liveserver, BUT the dmg they do on nonpeneetration hit should be a flat 75% loose in dmg compared to the current 50%. So now if you miss/ don't pen you do 25% less dmg and makes it more hurting if you screw up or just use it to always do dmg.


This is my concept, is it perfect? Hell no! I am not getting payed to do this as my job lul, yet I still want WoT to become more fun and more competetive again. Let me know what you guys think and lets start a discussion!
I am also going to post this in the forums as my feedback and idea to make the penrework better!




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