Char futur 4 or 777v2?

I'm pretty set on getting the AE, since it seems to be the best tank on the BP rewards and is good for 1v1s as well.

I'm mostly a medium player, but am going down the Russian heavy line(s) for 705A and 277 since I only have a 60TP currently. I'd like a crew trainer for those Russian heavies, and my options look like the 777 II or possibly use the 16k bonds I've saved over 7k battles to get the IS5, IS6B, or KV4 off the bond shop.

I've heard that the 777 is just absolutely garbage, but also read that it's alright and that people are just saying that because it isn't OP.

I've never done clan wars, I've only been in a clan for like my last 500-1000 battles and am not sure they will go hard enough on CW to have options to spend my bonds that way – which is why I've debated the bond shop for (meh) Russian heavies there – I've basically never spent bonds.

Since I initially heard the 777 sucked, I planned on getting the char and AE combo (like everyone else?), but am curious what the community thinks.

So, is the char the all round better buy regardless of my HT trainer scenario? Or is the 777 not so bad after all and worth considering?


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