char futur level 7 field modification- reload or aiming?

Basic conundrum:

  • stock, vehicle works fine but reload is long and you have to wait a while to the aiming circle to settle all the way
  • option 1: -2s reload time (34), but bloom after firing and aim time both worse (mainly 30 percent worse after firing than option 2)
  • option 2: +2s reload time (37.6, negating food), but bloom after firing and aim time both improved (30 percent better than option 1)

My gut feeling is that reload speed will work if you're sitting still and trying to put multiple rounds into someone but that if you're moving around or switching targets intraclip, the extra bloom on firing will make the accuracy marginal even with the 4s intraclip.

Current loadout is vents (mobility), optics (scouting), bounty vstab which gives 490 view range and .29 accuracy. Other field mods are 2/2/2/scouting.


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