Char Futur skills, Repairs or Camo?

Hi, I just got the char futur and I need a crew for it. I don't have other french mediums, and the crew I'm using for the light autoloaders will stay on the lights.

The next female crewmember I'm about to get will be the commander so I'll have a zero skill BIA.

The thing is, this tank is a medium, which usually, and with the new intuition, given that this is an autoloader, would make me do this:

  • Commander: 0- BIA, 1- 6th Sense, 2- Repairs, 3- Situational Awareness, 4- Intuition, 5- Recon
  • Gunner: 1- Repairs, 2- BIA, 3- Snap Shot, 4- Intuition, 5- Safe Stowage
  • Driver: 1- Repairs, 2- BIA, 3- Smooth Ride, 4- Off road, 5- Whatever.

BUT, this tank, despite being a medium, has poor armour but decent camo, so I don't know if I should replace the Repairs for Camo.

I've also thought about not running BIA and having both Repairs and Camo, but then what's the point on having a Zero Skill commander, on top of grinding an additional skill on an already overloaded Commander.

So I really don't know which one to pick, Repairs vs Camo. I'm personally more inclined towards camo, but I don't have any experience and with french autoloaders and it's still a medium so idk what's best.


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