Chargeback for payments in the event of losing the account.

Does anyone know how far back can I chargeback WG when are they denaying access to the account?

I do know that WG is the owner of all accounts and we just renting it out, but because I had been paying for the subscription for over 8 years I don't agree that they can just lock my account and ignore my emails.
I have been their customer for many years, on 28th jan at 9 am someone logged into my account, I brought this to WG attention in return they locked my account and put me on the "prove who you are " procedure.
Obviously, i got mad.
I ve answered to all their pathetic questions but they demand a screenshot of the transaction made in April 2017 from one of my Paypal accounts; I have closed that account in 2019 and therefore this information cant be recovered. I already spoke to Paypal about it over the phone. And PayPal issued the confirmation via email which WG does not recognise. I do have email confirmation from the transaction in April 2017 but WG doesn't accept that. I showed them other transactions which are more than 6 months old but that was not good. I opened new tickets and its been 3 days with no answer. Obviously, we all know its WG customer service- "you are a dog and I'm your master". Im fed up with waiting because they will never come back to me, why would they – they have to teach me a lesson, right.

So, I don't care about that I had – 907, chiff, vk, ebola, 260 all tier 10 tanks, almost every premium tank there is, 200 premium days and 30k gold. I was about to quit this game anyway, but because how they treat people I want to take back as much as I can from them. I have done nothing wrong all I did was
I asked WG SUPPORT TEAM 😀 the for help and obviously, everyone will lose the temper with them – that's how they get read of people.
Don't tell me to write a ticket to them again – they will come to me once I issue the chargeback, someone said that if WG locked access to the service its 18months is that true?
Does anyone know how far back can I chargeback WG when are they denaying access to the account?


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