Charioteer (An open discussion)

I'm pretty sure that I'm late at the party, cause pretty much this tank peaked 50 million years ago or smth. But I wanna talk about it cause I can only find a few posts talking about this absolute gem of a tank.

Firstly I have a question; I'm not particularly a free to play player, but I don't exactly spend that much time in playing anyway, so my economy isn't exactly sustainable, so I just wanted to ask if what consumable should I exactly get on the Charioteer? Again bad economy, so I can't exactly afford food, but at the same time is it really worth spending a consumable slot for a fire extinguisher in a paper tank that barely has any HP to tank a shot that'll set the thing on fire.The damn thing will die by having its HP stripped by a shot or two before it dies from a fire.

But anyways, I thought of using the cheap fuel, but does it really even do that well?

Also need advice on equipment, I'm currently using vents, rammer and binocs on the thing; planning on sticking with the binocs till I get my 3rd mark (currently on the 2nd) cause I do alot of camping & sniping anyway. But as soon as I get the 3rd mark is it worth switching to coated optics? I have situational awareness, and recon; so it gets till 455, but its nowhere near the 510 that the binocs and provide, so yeah.

Lastly since I honestly don't know where I'm going with this post since I'm rambling anyway, I just wanna talk about this thing's accuracy; cause holy shit, sometimes its a laser beam that'll do you God's work especially with that mach 1 shell velocity. But half the time thing will either bite the dust or launch itself to shoot goddamn planes, but curiously enough I found out that despite having 0.35 base accuracy, its actually not absolute.

If you put vents on the thing & BIA it gets to 0.33 tops, but if you add the vent purge directive or use purple/bounty vents it rounds to 0.32. I personally use the bounty vents on it (bite me) and 0.32 might be a placebo, but I find it to be a noticeable improvement over the 0.33 the BIA/Vents combo normally offers.
Also if you add food into the mix you could actually get to 0.31 min/max accuracy which is cool I guess (Hopefully somebody finds this rambling shit useful or at the very least entertaining since I don't really know why I bothered typing all of this)

That's pretty much it, would love to know the people out there who love the Charioteer, would love to discuss about it, cause I can barely find any post about it so yeah.


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