CMV: Lowering gold ammo damage would improve gameplay.

Gold ammo gives you the most competitive edge but spoils the game. It can eliminate the need to aim, flank, or find a good angle from which to fire. You just point, click, and pen through someone's thickest armor. To avoid being instantly deleted, high-tier tanks need to hull-down with impenetrable armor and shoot gold back.

If the damage of gold ammo were reduced, the other ammo types would have their times to shine. Light tank or rear armor? HE for tons of damage. Over-angled, side armor, or weak spot? AP for 2nd most damage. Hull-down heavy or TD? Gold pen ammo for chip-damage and maybe damage a module.

This way, high-tier armor wouldn't need to be rebalanced and their armor could actually protect them somewhat if they decide to charge. Matches wouldn't begin like Cold (vision) War stand offs and gameplay would become more dynamic. All ammo could cost the same per damage.

I don't think this is a new idea but we should reconsider it. What do y'all think?


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