CMV: MM needs to only be +/- 1 tier instead of 2, at least for certain classes

In all the things that make this game suck and we choose to flagellate ourselves on it anyway, this is a simple quality of life change that I think would make this game feel a lot less unfair.

I am not a good player. Feel free to look me up on wotlabs. But, my best tank and the one I consistently do well in is my grille 15. It's not the best T10 TD, but it's the only T10 I have. I've found I like T10-only matches the best, because when you just have to play against other tanks at the same power level, and are never stuck trying to figure out how to play a KV3 against a Maüschen.

Bottom tier matches fucking suck because there are very few tanks that can trade blows with tanks two tiers above them – especially heavy tanks. For example – the KV3 – 150 mm of armor. The best gun has like 170 mm of pen, IIRC. that thing won't even punch through the bottom plate on a Tier 9 medium tank, while being slower and susceptible to fire from pretty much anything. Bottom tier TDs, clickers, and lights at least can still fulfill portions of their basic role due to being either upgunned or fast.

On the other side, there are tanks that are so much stronger than others two tiers below that they can just steamroll the entire team. I saw an obj 430 on multiple occasions completely wipe out a single push by like 6 people because we lost the lottery and our T9s died, and we didn't have anything that could fight it.

Idk, I feel like the best matches are ones that where you can do something. +1 matchmaking I think would even out the playing field and limit the number of really bad games. While many bad games can be attributed to playing bad, there are plenty of bad games that you do poorly because you literally cannot do anything.


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