Coalition 4 – Obj279e

" Damage or destroy enemy internal modules or crew members, totaling at least 30 modules or crew members. "

So 3 crits per game, sounds easy at first glance but that description doesn't say it all. The modules actually need to be different , like after destroying a track in a battle any other tracking shot won't count, even if it's a different tank you're shooting at. I assume it's the same for crew members and crew members you kill don't add up with modules, it's either one or the other.

And so, I've been stuck on this one since the start of quarantine.

It's coalition so french, Czech, swidish and Italian tanks. No big derp guns available on any nation (besides the foch155 which I don't have).

So is there any trick to it I didn't discover? Some tank I didn't consider? Any advice is welcome.

Edit- thanks for the feedback guys, this got way more attention than I excepted it will. I have just completed it now in a full HE standard B.


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