Community contributors and streamers are pushing for better matchmaking, lets support them in their pursuit for a better game for all who play the game as a united front hand in hand

They are risking their livelyhoods pointing out the blatantly obvious decline of the game on how matchmaking has gone down the drain patch after patch and telling how it is and even calling out wargamings major flaws and in some cases borderline fraudulent marketing lies and employees who dont dont know the game mechanics and/or dont play the game

people like skill4u and dezgames are all making videos about matchmaking now trying to have their message heard but its just all falling on deaf ears and wg cant hear us cause of the endless rolling in of fresh cash earned by copy pasta pixels and no real new content or maps.

Stand united and Vote with ur wallets, upvotes and comments tankers, we deserve better, let ur voices be heard amplifyng their and our voice now during this pivotal time when wargaming will be paying close attention to the latest patch reception


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