Console vs PC

I've been seeing alot of posts recently from world of tanks console version and I would LOVE to get this communities thoughts on a few things.

Their in game hud looks fairly clean. I think it would be a nice change of pace to maybe add certain elements from their HUD into the PC version.

When they zoom out, the ability to see the tanks gun barrel to me is one of the coolest things they have compared to us. I wouldn't imagine it's hard for WG to add this feature (seeing as how it's already a feature on consoles) to PC live version. Just some cosmetic changes that would bright up the game a bit.

Their game modes and events that have seem to happen alot more than the PC version, I could be wrong so don't quote me but they are having a only +/-1 match making event. I think this would be an amazing addition to the game. Honestly it should be permanent but that's neither here nor there. Would PC live version do well with this events happening more often?

Thoughts? Also if there is already a mod that allows me to look next to the POV for the barrel let me know.


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