(cont.) EQ 2.0: Confusing Commander’s Vision System vs Optics

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Play with the numbers

Medium tank example

If you want to test your tanks or set ups, here's the spreadsheet I used. Copy it and adjust dark grey parameters. Optionally play with light grey if you use trophy, bond or scouting slot. I cross-checked the formulas with the real in-game experiments done here by Barabekus. If you notice a bug please let me know.

Good examples when Comm's VS pays off (to be updated over time):

  • Bushes on Malinovka on T-100LT. His team rushed downhill and was massacred by the forest campers. He drives slow, remains hidden and let his teammates shoot, thus saving the rush. Worth noting, his CVS is in the scout slot + bond Optics. The whole video is Comm's VS testing by Vspishka (in Russian).

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/icw6ct/cont_eq_20_confusing_commanders_vision_system_vs/

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