Could use some help picking potential tank lines for a friend and I.

I've decided to try getting back into the game after many years of not playing it (god fucking help me). A friend of mine also wants to start playing for the first time (god fucking help them). I have been away from the game for a long time so I dont know whats good anymore.


I want to go down an entire line with them and I have a few criteria regarding potential paths to take.


In terms of learning the game, I personally learned with TDs on the WaffentrƤger auf E100 line and I kind of regret starting with that line to this day. Playing paper armored snipers really didnt teach me about the game much. I was thinking that either heavy or medium would be ideal for this right?


Probably need something that is capable in clan content as well, just in case (doesnt have to be š¯’ˇš¯’†š¯’•š¯’‚).


Also need a line that isnt boring to play throughout the tiers.


So what do you guys think?


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