crew 2.0

the idea of reworking crew skills is good but if it helps the gameplay but what I tested made the gameplay worse

1_ our special crows are getting deleted I don't like that

2_ combining crew is a bad thing and I don't like it

3_converting crews in the new system are not fare

4_ new perks are so expensive and don't make sense to get them

5_ some perks are overpriced like smooth ride and snapshot, eye close and etc

6_ progress from level to level in high levels is overpriced

7_ I don't like that the maximum level is 75

8_ I love special commanders I don't like losing them or changing them to something else

9_using a crow fore 3 tanks is good but I don't like that slots are lock and I don't like that we have to pay 750 gold for training it should be for credit

10_ u cant get what u have on the live server in the sandbox server

11_ changing special crews to crew structure is a bad idea because we love that

12 _ random perks on crew structures are garbage

13_ giving points for levels is bad because most players are dumb and they will separate in several skills and they will get all but none completed

what I think u should do :

1_ don't combine crews but training them for another tank is good but in tanks that require the same amount of crews, for example, e100 crew for Maus and etc

2 _ make some crew skills that are special for some classes like crew skills that are suitable for lights

3_ make grinding crew skills easier

4 _ free sixth is a very good idea


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