Crew 2.0 is a slap in the face

If this was really about lack of crew skill diversity and the time it takes to get new skills, then a small amount of simple changes could have addressed that. Players are choosing the same skills because those skills are the most useful, while others are objectively garbage. To fix this problem, add new skills that are useful and/or are specialized to vehicle type. Maybe get rid of the ones nobody uses.

As for the long path to obtaining these skills, just cap the amount of experience required after a skill 4 or 5. Now it doesn’t take exponentially more to train new skills.

This is definitely all about money though, I kept on hearing one word during the video. “Gold” it’s just another money grab.

It makes me sad that the crew members that I worked hard to have in my tanks are just going to be removed from me. I was looking forward to playing WOT for a long time and probably still will, but that special part of the game will be gone as we all drown in a sea of premium this and that.

(For some reason I cannot access the forum to post there, anyone else having this issue?)


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