[Crew 2.0] Main problem is perceived loss of progress after converting

The biggest problem with Crew 2.0 is the perceived loss when converting from the current system to the new system. There are two causes for this:

  • Under the current system, most crews are "done" at 4 full skills, or 5 for LTs
  • 0-skill crews suffer a terrible conversion loss since it's based on XP rather than skill/perk accumulation

While it is nice that there are more useful skills under 2.0, it means the grinding duration for each crew got a whole lot longer. Players who were used to having "the best" crew previously now have hundreds of hours more grinding to do in order to reach "best" again. IMO that is a really unfair psychological trap to spring. Yes crews should have the ability to grow under the new system, but it should just be the small bonus past lvl 75.

Regarding the 0-skill situation: Come on! This is so obviously no right I cannot believe it even made it to the sandbox. The lvl conversion needs to be done based on percentage of full skills, not based on XP.

The random instructor bonuses should not be counted at all, since a) they're a gamble and b) they are TINY compared to the overall points of a lvl 75 crew.

I don't think the bonus level of instructors should be increased, because that would make the randomization of skills feel even worse when you get bad choices. Just convert the existing skill level fairly and be done with it.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/lqw099/crew_20_main_problem_is_perceived_loss_of/

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