Crew 2.0 – noping out

Well, after watching the WG video on it, reading some on here, etc, etc, I'm 95% sure I'm going to move on to some other games I've been itching to play.

I know that WG won't miss me (until they miss my wallet warrior activity around the holidays… I bought way too many boxes the last two years)… and I've literally invested thousand$$$ in premium time, premium tanks, gold, and boxes.

…but Crew 2.0 is just so incredibly complicated, favoring the people who really want to make learning the game time-intensive and keeping up on changes like this seem more like a job than a game… Anyway, once Crew 2.0 pops, unless it is dramatically simplified, I'll be moving on.

Again, I know, "don't let the Exit Game button hit you where nature split you…", no one will miss you, and so forth. There are just too many easier, fun games to play.

Curious to know if anyone else is inclined toward moving away from WoT at least partially based on this upcoming change.


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