Crew 2.0

With all the news about Crew 2.0 coming around, I believe that this change may change the minds of many of the current players. From what I see from WG own descriptions is it is a level system (like warships) and the commander only get the skills. I like the current system the current crew system in the game. It adds customizability to the game at higher tiers. The questions I have are:

  1. Will players be compensated for having all their crews reset?

  2. Since the commander has all the perks/skills if they get knocked is the player at a considerable disadvantage because they can not preform their perks/skills anymore?

  3. The unit consist of 4 members. What happens to the TD lines, of the French Autoloader line, or the SPG lines? Will those lines only have 4 crew members (historically inaccurate)?

  4. Those tanks that do have more than 4 members, will there be 1 and 1/2 units in them?

  5. The people who has paid money to grind their crews, how will they be compensated?

  6. Could a version of the game have the old crew system that would be a different client if Crew 2.0 is implemented?

WG has already changed our tech trees, I do not want them to screw up one of the best functions of the game. WG, if you want to make the game better, fix team training. I hope the whole Crew 2.0 gets stopped just like the HE changes. Look I know I’m not the best player on WoT, but it saved my live when I was depressed and it was something I could enjoy. I do not want our game be changed. The current crew system has been working for 10 years, why now are you changing it WG. Listen to your players again and don’t fix something that isn’t broke.



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