Current state of Crew Perks and ideas for new

Perks are currently rather poorly distributed over the crew members in WoT.

For example Commander and Driver both have many must-have and useful perks

when Radiooperator and Loader are left off with some of the least useful ones.

Current state of perks (skip past this if you wanna see my ideas below) :

Commander (5)

  • Sixth Sense – The best perk in the game. A must have. CORE
  • Mentor – Gives 10% more exp to other crew members when at 100%. TRASH
  • Recon – Increases view range by 2%. Good perk probably in 3-4 slot. GOOD
  • Jack-of-all-Trades – Losts its viability when consumables were given on cooldown. Not terrible, but probably at like 6+ perks on heavies. SITUATIONAL
  • Eagle Eye – Useful on heavies/mediums as it's likely to show the enemy status in head to head combat, which could impact your decision. SITUATIONAL

Gunner (4)

  • Designated Target – Useful for some tanks, especially when spotting. Probably a 3-5 slot. SITUATIONAL
  • Armorer – Used mainly on turret armoured tanks expected to get gun dammaged often. SITUATIONAL
  • Deadeye – Gives 3% chance for critical damage (does not woth with HE). Rather insignificant. TRASH
  • Snap Shot – Improves accuracy when turning turret, so great on any tank. An important asset. CORE

Driver (5)

  • Controlled Impact – Useful on tanks that ram. Good but situational. GOOD/SITUATIONAL
  • Off-Road Driving – Decent perk, increasing overall driving. GOOD
  • Smooth Ride – Improves accuracy when moving, so great on any tank. An important asset. CORE
  • Preventative Maintenance – 25% reduction chance of engine fire. Useful, especially on tanks that often get hit in engine compartment. SITUATIONAL
  • Clutch Braking – Is actually a worse version of Off-Road Driving. Taken maybe in 6+ slot. TRASH

Loader (3)

  • Intuition – Very trash, not reliable at all. Adds even more RNG. TRASH
  • Adrenaline Rush – Shortens reload time by 9.1% when vehicle has less than 10%. Usually taken as the choice is poor. SITUATIONAL
  • Safe Storage – Increases ammo rack durability by 12.5%. Useful on some tanks.

Radio Operator (4)

  • Situational Awareness – The only good perk on this crew member. Increases view range by 3%. CORE
  • Call for Vengeance – Supposed to be helpful for scouts. But it's only 2s that triggers once when you are destroyed. Not very ideal. TRASH
  • Signal Boosting – Nobody f*cking cares about Signal Range. Waste of perk. TRASH
  • Relaying – Look above. Same story. TRASH

All (4)

Repair – A must have for any armoured tank expecting to trade hits. You should have this on any tank type to avoid getting perma-tracked. CORE

Concealment – A must have for all lights, tank destroyers and many medium tanks, especially those lightly armored. CORE

Firefighting – Very underrated perk, mainly suited for those using Premium Consumables instead of Fire Extinguisher. Fits on many heavies and mediums, often expected to take many hits as well as SPG shells. GOOD

Brothers in Arms – A must have for any crew surpassing 3 perks. CORE

As you can see, there are rather poor choices for Gunner and some of the most trashiest ones for Loader and Radio Operator.

Here is my idea to give more balanced choice throughout the whole crew.


Removed, Jack-of-all-trades. This perk should be moved to Radiooperator.

Added, Survival of the Fittest.

Increases Major qualifications of crew members (including commander) when vehicle takes damage.

This effects scales up linearly as the % health points go down, capping at 2.5% increase when at or

below 10% health points (8 stages of health where value increases by 0.3125% each time). Works at 100%.

The idea is that the Commander boosts the morales of his crew as they don't want to fall in battle.

Small boost that will reward more aggressive players.


– Added, Inner Peace.

Increases the aiming capabilities (aim time and dispersion) if not taken hit in last 30s. Example value (0.025 x 100)%. Works proportionally to % acquired.

Small boost to overall aiming if not being shot at. Primarly useful for snipers. Works in contrast with Furious Frenzy (look below)

– Added, Final Focus.

Allows to fire a single shot with pin point accuracy. Once per game. This would work by charging a shot similarly to Double-barelled vehicles but with reticle gradually becoming pin point.

It could require extra bind to be implemented, but I think it would not change game drastically. Works at 100%

The idea is to reduce the frustration in the end game and allow for confirmed, game changing shots.


– Added, Safe-Meter Parameter.

Increases maxiumum backwards speed by a certain value. Example value (0.1 x 100)%. Works proportionally to % acquired.

Just a general boost to backwards speed. Useful on turreted tanks when peeking or TDs needing to fall back.


– Added, Furious Frenzy.

Increases the reload time if hit within last 30s. Example value (o.o5 x 100)%. This does not stack, instead it refreshes in duration if hit. Works proportionally to % acquired.

A great perk rewarding aggressive plays. Primarly useful for tanks fighting head to head. Works in contrast with Inner Peace (look above)

– Added, Definite Destruction.

Shells that penetrate will always destroy the vehicle if their HP is below or equal to your shell's Alpha Damage. Works at 100%.

Implements a mechanic that reduces frustration and RNG swings. Could become core part of Loader's perks.

– Reworked, Intuition.

When changing shell types, the reload time of the next shell will be halved by the current reload state.

This equivalents to reload starting at 50% when switching shell type from loaded state. Works at 100%.

Eliminates the randomness of this perk and actually makes it viable.

Radio Operator

– Added, Jack-of-all-trades. Moved from Commander. Exact same effect.

I think this would make the perk much more viable and suitable if Radio Operator has it.

If anyone made it this far, please give me your opinions and suggestions on my ideas.

I think we can come up with more ideas if we brainstorm this as a community.


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