Current underpowered tanks

Im going to skip I-III, they arent worth mentioning honestly

IV –

Type 95 – has consistently been underpowered from the day it came out, its a heavy tank that can be penned by HE, favorite target of Hetzers

B1 – performs consistently poorly, so much so they gave it special MM and it doesn't help its WR.

D.W. 2 – also does not do very well

14TP – Has a Bofors but with less pen than the british tank?

V –

25TP – This was clearly a tech tree filler

Leopard – its huge, has no armor and the same guns as the tier before, not sure what the point of it is

VK 30.01 H – A massive under armored tank with a semi decent gun and huge profile, you can barely use it as a sniper but its camo rating is terrible, cant use it as a medium because its too slow

G1 R – absolutely pointless, got a scary gun but its a glass canon, no point in 240 alpha if as soon as your spotted your chipped away, plus your massive tumors will be shot to death while youll never be able to shoot back

T14 – powercrept, it used to have pretty decent armor at the expense of pen, now basically anything can pen it from the front.

Matilda IV – Has been worthless since the day it came out, its pen could barely pen some mediums, its slow and basically no armor

VI –

Churchill GC – need I say more?

ARL V39 – massive top tumor and low gun means that youll have a hard time shooting the enemy and they will easily shoot you, its slow, unarmored and poor camo


St. Emil – stock grind is atrocious, top gun is competitive, way too slow, dont miss, arty will delete you, there is a chance you can run out of ammo.

Ikv 90 B – HE can pen you but your gun worse than the JPanther

AMX M4 45 – no armor, damage pinata

T25/2 – Compared to the hellcat its terrible, with the hellcat you can use you your camo and speed to shoot and scoot and play the bushes. The T25/2 only has 10 more pen than the hellcat, a gun thats actually LESS acurate, and its both slower and has a lower camo rating. The SuperHellcat is actually better than the T25/2 in every respect but view range, 10m less

T25 AT – A shitty Jpanther, tier VI tanks can pen you from the front, youre more mobile but youll hit things less and you have lower DPM.


KanJPz – A tank so poorly designed they buffed it almost immediately after they released it, then after they buffed it and it was still trash they recalled it and offered people the KanJPz 105 in exchange

HWK 12 – German scouts are no longer viable at all

AMX 65 t – Tumor on top makes it pretty useless, its a target for the enemy team as basically free damage

59-Patton -ditto

AMX CDC – also damage pinata

FCM 50 t – ditto

TVP TVU – It is literally the tier VI T40 but with more HP and pen, completely outclassed

IX –

M103 – your top can be overmatched, if not you have a big tumor on top

X –

All light tanks besides the EBR 105 but in particular

Rhm. Pzw – they realized it was underpowered so they gave it high pen HE to up the DPM against light tanks, then they also gave the EBR 105 high pen HE. One thing the RHM. Pzw. could do was passive, the EBR counters passive scouts though. From its inception the Rhm consistently underperform other LTs, now you rarely ever see the Rhm.

T110E5 – The tumor makes it might as well have no armor at all

Any thoughts or suggestions? I tried to keep premium tanks off of tier V as many of the premium heavy and medium tanks are trash if you dont spam gold.


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