cursed sessions

anyone else expiriencing this lately? mildly above average player around 2,3k wn8 and 56% wr my sessions usually like this: around 2100-3000 wn8 and the winrate will be way above or way below 56%.

its absolutly disgusting, some sessions are 30% or below wr 20+ games and some are around 65-70% with absolutly zero difference in my performance(naturally you do slightly worse in the lose sessions ofc).
feels like you have zero impact on the outcome of the game anymore. anyone else thinks that carrying was way easier in the past when games lasted longer than 3 min?

also 15:3 roflstomps are soulcrushing. you get like 1 in 10 games that is interesting. while arty nerf improved the gameplay considerably I dont think it changed anything about roflstomps in 90% of games or the game duration in general, I think games seem to be even faster with nerfed arty.

im at around 36k battles so quite expirienced. ofc there were always cursed or blessed sessions but generally you hovered around your average. lately its either a cursed or a blessed session and seems completly rng.


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