Cursed tanks? MM penalties?

There are some tanks I have that I simply cannot win a game in, no matter how well I play.

Wondering if others are experiencing something similar?


Tiger 1: I used to totally suck in this thing, but in the last year or so, have learned how to play it. Nevertheless, even if I have 2-3k damage and a couple kills, I always seem to lose. Many of the games I am in are blowouts, with 2-3 of my team members dying within the first 30-40 seconds.

Looking at the stats from WOT Labs, the Tiger 1 is in the bottom 25% of all tanks in terms of win rate at 49.03%. So I am not alone. My rate in this thing is an awful 44% (I am a 50% player).

Jagdpanther II: my win8 in this is like 1400 overall and I have mastered it with a mark. It is a good unit and I like it, but my win rate in it is like 43%. It is ALWAYS low-tier, and I find myself in an ocean of red every time I bring it out of the garage.

Jagdpanzer IV: same as above. I am solid in the German TDs prior to this one and after, but my win rate is crap in this thing. It isn't that the unit is bad–it isn't. It's quite good, and I've had games of 7 kills in it. But I always seem to lose, and to find myself on bad teams.

It just seems like WG has it in for units like the Tiger. People complain about that tank being bad, but it really isn't if played right. The problem is the match-making and the lineups.


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