Customer Service Experience

Hey Friends,
Some of you may have read my previous post about a purchase from the Halloween event and some issues surrounding it.

TL;DR of that post is I bought the stim package, WG gave out 3 free stims a day right after. They ignored my tickets by sending canned unrelated replies when I complained that what I had purchased was free now. I got angry and of course took to Reddit to complain. Which is probably in poor taste but we all have our moments. I told support the money I have been saving all year for Christmas boxes would not be spent with Wargaming if they didn't read the ticket and give me a real response. We ended the ticket after a long chain of replies amicably but unsatisfied. I think I was being reasonable asking for something but not a full refund as it was a package.
For a few days I stewed and got angrier. I then saw the King Tiger post and made a comment. An obscure comment that TragicLoss noticed and messaged me. My issue is now resolved because someone took the time to talk to me and I am very glad to be spending my money on Christmas boxes here in a month or so.

Hats off to /u/TragicLoss for taking the time to take care of an individual player who was upset. Made my day and (perhaps not a good thing haha) will keep me playing and spending money on WOT for a long time yet.

Thank you.


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