CW meta is broken and needs a revamp

CW is fundamentally broken and stale from a tank line up point. Currently in a top 10 clan on NA most battles are uninteresting and the same. Here are the top picked vehicles for each night and I am sure you already know which they are.

1: Chieftain (Each game has anywhere from 50%-80% of these)

2: Obj 279e (Yup who would have guessed)

3: Obj 907 (Its better than a 140 so its a no brainer)

Each one of these is a reward tank and they dominate the CW meta. The Chieftain is the major offender here after the purple bond turbo was introduced this tank became even more dominate in the meta. Seriously the purple turbo makes this tank incredibly flexible. Something has to be done. This CW isnt fun it is just stale and uninteresting to participate in. WG understands the Chieftain is too dominate that is why it wasn't available as a reward for last CW and this one. CW needs to be tech tree tanks only. The top three tanks in CW are reward tanks. WG you took reward tanks out of ranked for this very reason, seriously fix this broken mess.


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