Daily Missions should have a manual difficulty option for greater rewards

I don't even remember what they were yesterday, but I complete all three basic mission in the first match I played, I got all three premium missions by game 4, and game 4 was when I completed the challenge mission (that one I remember, get 3 kills in 1 game).

Daily Missions are great for casual players who might only play an hour a day. For some of us – those of us who can't admit we have a problem with video games – finishing your daily in 5 games is rather boring, and the rewards lacking.

It would be cool to be able to set a difficulty level for your missions – General, Advanced, and Epic. You would be able to switch your difficulty daily as long as you haven't completed a mission yet – once you have a complete mission you're stuck with it for the day.

Most people (ready for the "I don't" responses) who tend to play tanks for an extended time every day already spend money on the game, be it subbed or on premium tanks, so WG is making money off of us anyway. Be nice to have a bit of a reward for the effort.

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