Defender vs. IS-3A vs. 703 II

With the IS-3A now on sale, the Defender on sale a month ago, and the Obj 703 Version 2 likely to be sold this Summer, now would be a good time to recompare all of the tanks.

I hear various opinions from many different people from many different skill levels. Quickybaby puts the Defender in S tier while the others are in A tier. Skill4ltu doesn’t even have the IS-3A in his top 6 heavies. And random unicums have told me the IS-3A is the most OP.

In terms of overall armor, it seems it would go Defender > 703 > IS-3A, but in terms of being hull down at upper tiers, the turret armor seems to be IS-3A > 703 > Defender.

The the Defender has clear overall armor and mobility.

The IS-3A has the clear DPM advantage and is probably the most novel with its reverse auto loader.

The Obj 703 has some of highest gun handling stats in the game, which makes quick snapshotting very nice.

So what do you think and why? How do you equipment 2.0 will effect the balance of these tanks? They are all 1 mobility 1 survivability slot tanks IIRC, so maybe some of the previous disadvantages could be covered up for by the new system.

I’d love your opinion on comparing these 3 and I’m sure it will be very useful to many people as these sales continue.


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