Did they, like, shadow nerf the EBR 75?

75mm of pen on the HE shells, and today I’ve failed to penetrate

-2 times off the 10mm thicc ass end of an Even 90 (even if he were extremely angled (and he wasn’t), there’s almost no way 75mm of pen wouldn’t get him)

-4 times off the upper sides of an FV207. If I had hit the tracks, that would be understandable, but I hit above them which is only 51mm. Now, not penning this is a little more believable with HE, since 51mm is literally 5x as much armor as the butt end of an Even 90, and I wouldn’t expect to overmatch it with 75mm of HE pen consistently, but come on.

I know they didn’t ACTUALLY nerf it (probably), that’s just my attempt at being comedic, but I’m absolutely dumbfounded by this situation.

For the record I’ve only ran 2 battles in it today, but I haven’t managed 1 penetrating HE shot, I’ve either missed or failed to penetrate. These two were just the most… strange… nonpens

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/lx4s3f/did_they_like_shadow_nerf_the_ebr_75/

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