Directives – Price List

Below are the prices for directives that are now live as of 1.7:

DiretiveBonus (when skill at 100%)Cost
Natural CoverAdditional 10% to vehicle concealment20,000
Increased FocusSixth sense activated 1s earlier (2s instead of 3)20,000
Focus on TargetAdditional 2s that enemy will be visible (+4s total)20,000
Experienced FirefightersAdditional 50% to firefighting abilities20,000
Steady HandDoubles effect of Snap Shot10,000
Combat CourseDoubles effect of Clutch Braking10,000
Shell OrganizerAdditional 37.5% to ammo rack durability10,000
Duty Comes FirstAdditional 3s of reporting enemy positions after death10,000
Gearbox IntricacyDoubles the effect of Smooth Ride skill10,000

Source for bonuses:


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