Hello Im a EU based World of Tanks player

I’m really trying to get some help here on reddit on my issue because I feel like the staff doing the wargaming support ticket system aren’t either reading the whole ticket conversation or even engage in trying to help me very much except for the rollback.

So the whole thing started with me in my car driving home getting a text that someone is trying to change my password so when I go home and try to log in someone is already on my world of Tanks account. a few minutes back and forth of trying to get in after that (I login he gets Dc, he logs in I get Dc). I immediately change my password and open a ticket with wargaming. I asked to rollback my account about a month and the best I can get is about a week.

We try this and its better sure but the one that hacked my account and was on it even with a week of damage less still had far more than enough time to do damage. No gold, no silver almost no bonds and a bunch of TierX and other Tiers as you now can suspect also gone.

I have been a loyal fan of the game since 2011 and have given so much into it just to find out that so much is gone because of a hacker.

is there anyone that can give me a helping hand? as it stands, I can't spend 5+ hours a day to grind back the tens of millions of silver and buy back the thousands of gold amassed during my 10+ years of playing this game.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/ngdbcb/discussion/

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