Welp…got my first tier 10 tank. Obj. 430U.

Im not mad at the tank, considering the crew is fresh and im currently playing on my shitty laptop because the PC is out of comission for a few days the gameplay is decent. What confused me is how much damn money i lost playing 10 fucking games. I play a game, do a little bit over 2500dmg, some spotting too, lost half of my health, won the game, result is that i lost 20k credits, WITH PREMIUM…what the fuck i already lost almost 100k credits by playing this thing…i did expect for the repairs to cost more, but the previous tank which is the Obj. 430 was nowhere near this expensive for its tier, almost every game i made 15k credits on average with Obj. 430. But the tier 10 its like you have to stomp the fucking game just to break even, thats just so demotivating…man this game just keeps dissapointing me. And its not like im just after the credits but thats just too much for a free to play player. I just played tanks that im sick of playing just to grind up 6+ million credits for this shit…wasted a lot of time and braincells. Im taking a week off from this game, gonna binge watch some TV Shows just for my braincells to heal up little bit. And when i come back i dont think ill play tier 10 for a while. Anyway i mostly came to vent because im so damn frustrated, thanks for reading.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/g9v6ty/dissappointed/

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